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Worldwide Missions

David & Miha Norton

David & Miha Norton| Worldwide

David & Miha Norton are based in Cluj, Romania but work worldwide to spread the gospel through Covenant Frontline International.
Ted & Sou Olbrich

Ted & Sou Olbrich | Cambodia

FCOP International, run by Ted and Sou Olbrich, cares for children, plants churches, and develops micro-enterprises throughout Cambodia.
Ruth, Robert, and Mariatu Search

Ruth & Robert Search | Sierra Leone

Ruth and Robert search run Mariatu's Hope, an organization that builds wells and provides infant nutrition in Sierra Leone.  
Warren Groves

Warren Groves | California, USA

Warren Groves ministers on a YWAM base in Yuba City, California overseeing the training  of long-term missionaries.
Andrea Eaton

Andrea Eaton | Oradea, Romania

Andrea Eaton works with Children in the Son, an organization that cares for Roma orphans in  Oradea, Romania.

Warren Groves

Oaks& Crown | East Africa

Dartmouth grads Skye Herrick & Dan Fang are the co-founders of Oaks + Crown, a ministry building a community of leaders who bring Kingdom transformation to East Africa.

Local Community

CCEF New England

CCEF New England

Christian Counseling & Education
CCEF counsels many local patients and trains Christian therapists and counselors.


Pregnancy Support Center
The PCUV provides counseling, support, materials, and housing to pregnant mothers and their partners.
NH Alliance Logo

NH Alliance | New Hampshire, USA

NH Alliance is a regional prayer network that prays, works with pastors, hosts worship gatherings, and does outreach.

Apply to join the Missions Committee

The Wellspring Missions Committee is looking for three new members.

Applicants must be faithful in attending Wellspring services and faithful in giving to Wellspring.   Among other things, the Committee investigates and invests in local, national, and international service projects and missions, allocates money to different projects, and educates the congregation about missions.

Apply for Funding

If you regularly attend Wellspring Worship Center you can apply for funding for short or long-term missions or outreach programs.  

The applications will be considered by the Missions Committee, who will reach out to you.  

Ruth Search of Mariatu's Hope and the women and babies in the infant nutrition program in Sierra Leone
NH Alliance Pastors Prayer
Children from FCOP

Encourage our active missionaries

Write an encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.