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Wellspring's Leadership 

Wellspring has three distinct leadership teams that strive to be led by Scripture and the Holy Spirit  in their decision-making:
  • The Wellspring Pastors & Staff, who manage the day-to-day operations of the church.
  • The Administrative Board, selected from established members of Wellspring, which provides administrative oversight and longterm policy and strategy.   
  • The Elders, also selected from established members of Wellspring,  assist the Pastors in caring for the spiritual health of the church.  


Craig Morton, Lead Pastor

Karen Morton, Pastor

David Gilbert, Worship Pastor


Jeanée DePierro, Director of Children's Ministries

Cassia Gilbert,
Music Director

Leah Hinckley, Administrator and Family Ministries

Annette Horne, Director of Community Connection & Assimilation

Mitchell Smith, Coordinator of Youth Ministry and Building Maintenance


Craig & Karen Morton

Sam & Bonnie Lewis

Ben & Penny Mellish

David & Natalie Gilbert


Margaret Drye - President
Craig Morton - Vice President
Lara Bowers - Secretary
Eric Bauernschmidt
Hope Graybill
Eli Seale
Tracy Simon
Pete Twarog
Greg Wadlinger