Connect Groups

Fall 2020

"You won’t regret it! It’s so fun and so worth it!"

" need to be part of a smaller group to walk out your faith with others."

"Give it a try... a wonderful place to get to know more people in our church!"

"It's worth it."

"It builds community."

"Developing relationships within the church is fun, draws you closer to Jesus, and makes the weekend church-going much more meaningful!"

NEW fall Connect Groups are here!

 Although God created us to be most fulfilled when we live in relationship with others, we all know that's not easy to find.  
That's why Connect Groups exist: to make these life-changing relationships accessible to you.
Check out the groups and decide which group you will be attending this fall.   Click the ‘contact leader’ button for questions or to sign up.

Want to lead a group?

Have a great idea for a group?  Do you like to host and organize?  Have you led a group before and want to do it again?  
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