The Wellspring Ministry Training Center is a school that helps students develop a deeper relationship with God. It meets weekly at Wellspring on Saturday mornings from 9:00am – 12:30pm, beginning in September and ending in May. The first semester will be focused on deepening your relationship with God. The second semester will be focused on teaching students how to impact their community.

Why Consider WMTC

Do you…

  • …want to grow closer to God and see more of His power in your everyday life?
  • …feel like there is more to the Christian life than you’ve experienced so far?
  • …want to hear God’s voice for yourself?
  • …hear about miracles, healing, and prophetic ministry, and wish you could do those things?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider enrolling in this school.

What We Do

The school’s mission is to equip Christians to be able to live a full, unhindered life for God. We aim to ignite students’ passion for Christ and then encourage them to go out into a world that desperately needs His touch. We, as Christians, are called to be Christ’s body, which means bringing His power and love to those around us.

Class Structure

Classes will cover topics like character building, forgiveness, intercession, prophecy, healing, evangelism, and more. Class time will be spent viewing DVD teachings from well known international ministers, followed by large and small group discussions in an effort to help develop strong relationships and encourage personal growth. The classes are designed to deepen your relationship with God and also give you a chance to pour out His goodness into others.


Class Schedule

How To Apply
  • Fill out the Wellspring Ministry Training Center Application by August 1st.
  • Hand in to Chris or Charlotte Hultquist or drop it off at the church office at Wellspring.
  • Upon acceptance, pay tuition of $500 (scholarships are available). High schoolers attend for free.
  • The first day of classes for the fall term is on Saturday, September 9th.
Visiting a class

Visitors are welcome to come to any class they would like, no registration required. You are permitted to attend up to 4 classes ($10 each).

Other Questions

For any other questions, please read the WMTC Handbook.