We are delighted to offer care for the youngest members of Wellspring. It is the goal of Wellspring to provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for your child. We want you to feel secure about your child’s well being while you attend services and activities at Wellspring.

Nursery Volunteers

Wellspring’s goal is to provide quality care for your children. All nursery volunteers undergo a formal background check and are trained to be familiar with nursery facilities and child safety. During Wellspring services, our nursery team consists of at least one adult volunteer and one additional adult or youth volunteer.  All volunteers agree to the Wellspring Child Protection Plan before serving.

Nursery Availability

The nursery room is available during both the worship and sermon portions of our weekend services. The nursery begins accepting children 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the service. When there are additional gatherings or church functions, the nursery is available on an as-needed basis. If you are unsure whether childcare will be provided at a function, please contact the church office to inquire about or request childcare.

Nursery Room

The nursery is located in Classroom C. The room can be divided between infants and toddlers. The toys and activities in the toddler section are tailored for children this age, including a play kitchen, building blocks, books, puzzles, etc. Nursery items and toys are cleaned on a regular basis, and maintained for safety. Our nursery door has a large window covered with a one-way viewing film. This allows parents to look in their child during the service without being noticed.

Nursery Policies