What is a Home Group?

A Home Group is simply a group that meets in someone’s home to spend time and discuss topics relating to God and people. Home Groups spur extensive growth, and Wellspring encourages everyone to connect in this way, outside of a Saturday or Sunday service. They provide a stable community that enables everyone, regardless of their belief, to mature in their walk with God, ask questions, and express their doubts and concerns in a loving and safe environment.

Our current Home Groups are:

Men’s Home Group

Where: Wellspring Worship Center
Time: Tuesdays @ 7:00PM
Host: Dave Tinkham
Email: davetink@myfairpoint.net

Bible Study

Where: Lebanon, NH
Time: Wednesdays @ 7:00PM
Host: Craig Morton
Email: craig@wellspringworship.org

Hanover Home Group

Where: Hanover, NH
Time: Wednesdays @ 7:30PM
Hosts: Tim and Meg Pillsbury
Phone: (603) 643-2605
Email: margaret.pillsbury@gmail.com or timothy.pillsbury@valley.net

Women’s Bible Study

Where: Plainfield, NH
Time: Fridays @ 7:00AM
Host: Kim Moss
Phone: (603) 709-7054
Email: danakim923@comcast.net

Home Group and Dinner

Where: Hartford Village
Time: 3rd Saturday @ 5pm
Host: Don & Elke Moore
Email: 5mooresinvt@gmail.com