The leadership of Wellspring Worship Center is comprised of Pastors and Elders. Craig and Karen Morton serve as the lead pastors, with Kevin Collins as the campus pastor. The Mortons and Collins are also elders, along with Rob and Mary Merchand, Tim and Meg Pillsbury, and Christ and Charlotte Hultquist. The Elders share, with the Pastors, in stewarding the spiritual and financial well-being of the church. In addition, there is a Ministry Leaders Team, whose members oversee the various ministries of the church.

In addition to the Biblical requirements for leadership, Wellspring emphasizes these qualities in members of the Ministry Leaders Team:

  • Possess strong character
  • Be a competent and capable person
  • Be a flexible team player
  • Be willing to confront in a healthy manner
  • Be comfortable with receiving correction
  • Be a faithful attendee of meetings
  • Be a faithful and generous giver to Wellspring
  • Possess a positive outlook
  • Be actively involved in a Wellspring ministry
The 2017 Ministry Leaders Team is comprised of the following ministries and individuals: